This Zine Is On A Hiatus Or Something

John is continuing the voicemail project at VoicemailPoems

call (910) 703 - POEM to be heard!


and email us if you’d like your blog repped, just say your name and when you called. voicemailpoems - at -

john started - go ahead and call away! - please follow and reblog!

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great spam poem from Emphatic Robot #1.

IMPORTANT! Don’t address your postcards to the Zine!

You need to address them to me (Anna Reser). Apparently the post office doesn’t like me getting stuff that’s not addressed directly to me. Thus, if you sent in a postcard addressed to This Zine is a Spaceship, I probably won’t get it, and unfortunately you’ll need to send another one with my name in the address.

I apologize for the confusion- who knew the post office was so uptight?

a message from our very own Anna Reser. i think she wants to talk to me or something. i think she’s sober maybe.

awesomely absurd google voice auto-transcript says:

Hey hey, it’s Anna from Albuquerque Magnum hey ryan thing. At the end and I and my roommate, finishing up the last marketing of the evening. And we’ve been asking a lot about internet relationship. In reference to You know that sort of. We are cultural, and we are that we’re closer look invented the happening right now. As you know. Modern we and we decided, that it would be great. It’s John, Give me a call, probably Sunday and because that’s when I will be a month’s free, either Sunday or Friday. Yeah, tomorrow. Number it. Whatever is best for have not thought because that’s when I’m meeting with my landlord. But any other time Friday or Sunday would be great. It’s John, sulley calling me and It’s collaborate there Because, in fact we have never spoken on the phone with saving. Seems I think it’s great day. It’s weird. So That’s my mission, The. I’m communicating. Okay bye.

Russel Jeffery from Iowa. Thanks Russel!

Gonna start posting the automatic transcripts because sometimes they are wonderfully wrong:

This is Russel Jeffery, I live in Iowa City. I would like to read you some excerpts from my one to handful of lines per day diary. Dear Diary, hey. Oh sure. Hello. January 4, the high price of saying that is glucose space This is of homework from your car to the dealership. January 5th. I played ex-con per play station and drink whipped cream flavor. Vodka all day, that could maybe do poem. January 9th. Are you still like going to get tireCenter For the smell January 16th. This, is some kind of tumbling catastrophe. February 1st. You have to burn your subjunctive placing the circle contacts. I had just the right amount of blood in my school today. This isa recording. February 5th. Is there anything more beautiful than the phrase. He had a passion for small experimental aircraft February 6th, call me if you know I’m call me your feet I worship home made guidance.February. I went to walmart to play the clobber sheen, the, and February 9th, call me. It’s friends. When you’ve got. I hand puppets full of her regrets.